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Brewery Bees For My Honey Rye Braggot - Amager bryghus

Bees For My Honey: Rye Braggot fra amager bryghus på 9%

One great thing about the craft beer world is how erratic it can be. To be completely honest, until just recently we had never even heard of Hermit Thrush Brewery – simply pronouncing their name proved a major challenge for most of us! But one day – out of the blue – we received an email from Joan Bulzacchelli and Victoria Banerjee from the brewing crew at Hermit Thrush, asking if they could join in on a brewing day at Amager since they were travelling Europe – half in private, half to visit breweries. As we only have the deepest respect for Vermont breweries we suggested turning the brewing day into an actual collaboration day, and a recipe was developed via email with one of the brewery’s masterminds Christophe Gagne. Bees For My Honey is a tribute to a product that is local to both breweries, a wonderful product that we both hold in high regard: honey! And it’s also a tribute to those wonderful buzzing little aviators called the honey bees. A friendly lil creature we have been taking for granted for way too long, only to realize that they seem to be abandoning us in recent years. We can’t blame them, but when honey becomes a scarce product, it may be too late to invite them back, because they just may have found a safer haven without pesticides and pollution. Save the bees – we need ‘em!! This is a collaboration beer made with Hermit Thrush Brewery, Brattleboro VT, USA.

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