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Bordello Bandits - Amager bryghus

Bordello Bandits: Dry-hopped India Pale Strong Lager fra Amager bryghus på 6,3%

It’s been said that Kentucky is one of only two American states to contain no natural gold deposits. None at all. However, 200 years ago, the local folks didn’t know this or they simply disagreed. Gold or not, in the year if 1812 a regular gold rush hit the small settlement of Bellevue, right on the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky. Within a fortnight, Bellevue outgrew neighboring boomtown Cincinnati just across the river. And with the steady influx of prospectors and no real plan of where to settle them, the town turned into a Klondike-like mess with cheap entertainment and even cheaper bordellos. But in spite of being cheap, word of the actual high quality of these bordellos spread far and wide, soon attracting a much less desired customer group known as the Night Riders or the Bordello Bandits. Most came from as far as Mexico, in horse gangs as big as 30 riders. Within just a few hours such a gang of bandits could ravage a fully equipped bordello in the middle of the night, causing rack and ruin. These racketeers would enjoy the pleasures of the establishment, but leave without paying a penny. According to much later historians this is where and when the desperate call for “The Great Southern Wall” was first heard from the citizens of the young state. A call to keep the Bordello Bandits back in Mexico where they belonged. This is all a great story, but is it also true at all? Well, due to the most recent trends in American society fact or fiction seems to be in equal regard. So, to hell with it – drink up and be merry, before the Bordello Bandits return. This beer is a collaboration with Ei8ht Ball Brewing, Bellevue KY, USA.

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